Copelandia Hawaiian grow kit


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Buy Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom grow kit for sale online in the US. This contains the mycelium to grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens—an exceptionally strong magic mushroom. Up to around 5 times stronger than a normal Psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms, the Copelandia Hawaiian variety offers an experience like no other. The effects of Copelandia are powerfully visual. Some say they have a tropical edge—but you will have to find out for yourself! With the main trip lasting between 4 and 6 hours, get ready for a psychonautical voyage.

Characteristics of Copelandia Grow Kit

The Copelandia Hawaiian Grow Kit is a sizable 1200cc container. If everything goes as planned, it should produce 90 to 130 fresh grams. Copelandia Hawaiian is a must-have for any serious mushroom enthusiast, even though its yields are not as large as those of P. cubensis. These mushrooms are amazing because of their inherent strength, and it is definitely worth trying them. This yield ought to be divided across two to three flushes. Copelandia Hawaiian grows on horse manure, same to how they do in the wild, unlike P. cubensis grow kits. Of course, this substrate already has Copelandia Hawaiian mycelium fully colonized and ready to pin! In the US, get the Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Kit online.

Also included is a comprehensive yet simple instruction manual that will give clear guidance for every step of the growing procedure. Click on the button below for a grow manual.


  • 1 grow kit of fully colonised horse dung
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 cups of topsoil
  • 1 paperclip
Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom grow kit
Copelandia Hawaiian mushroom grow kit



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